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Woman wasted $30,000 inheritance on Methamphetamine

March 22, 2017: Her dying brother hoped she would spend the $30,000 he left her as a deposit on a piece of landtrade.

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Chinese police move to tackle rise of ‘white-collar’ Methamphetamine drug producers

March 20, 2017: The manufacture and distribution of illegal narcotics is undergoing a transformation in China.

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$324 million drug bust uncovers Methamphetamine hidden in protein powder in Sydney, Australia, from the United States

March 9, 2017: Seven men and one woman have been charged in relation to the drug bust.

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Meth Prevention Lesson

This standard-based lesson leverages MethProject.org and provides teachers with engaging, easy-to-use materials to lead a 45-minute class.


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The Perfect Storm

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Mug Shot Match-Up

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Teen Advisory Council

2015-2016 Teen Advisory Council

Teen Advisory Council members play a key role in the Hawaii Meth Project and help coordinate activities on their respective islands to spread the core message "Not Even Once."